ViVaNee Fashion Art: Breathing Life Into Culture

    The following report is based on the video conference between Vikash Singh, Founder of ViVaNee Fashion Art and Himasweeta Sarma, Brand Executive at The Story Lane along with Divyanshi Kumari, Brand Associate at The Story Lane.

    “We are clearly focusing on handicrafts. We pick up crafts that are not well-recognised in the market.”

    With a forward progress towards the age of modernisation and progressive industrialisation, somewhere the core industries have suffered since ages. Witnessing these changing trends and phases, Vikash Singh and Neeraj Kumari brought into emergence – ViVaNee Fashion Art. ViVaNee aims to promote the rich heritage of Indian culture through its vibrant craftsmanship from all over India. ViVaNee has very well realised the fact that the diversity of Indian artistry can be promoted as a part of their social entrepreneurship. It aims to act as a merger with local businesses in a way that provides them a platform to promote themselves to a worldwide audience. Small investments in forms of scarves and bags with a unique freedom of varieties in one’s timeless culture makes it the brand “We Admire”.

    “You have to be creative to sustain your customers. Every brand has its own customers.”

    The world of fashion demands huge upskilling and creative influence in regards to the products to make it distinct and invite its unique customers.Through ViVaNee, the founders have tended to keep their customers and their satisfaction as their utmost priority, realising it as the cause behind their every step to success. One-to-one customer interaction has been felt void at many places in the rapid race of monetary benefits, however, ViVaNee tends to, one at a personal level, and aims forward to a budget-friendly crafted products to cater to the needs of their customers in a holistic manner.

    “I see my business as my freedom.”

    An inquiry into one’s own self certainly digs up some of the most motivational thought processes like the one with the founder, Vikash Singh. Having been experienced in Information Technology, Marketing, Telecom and Communication domains for 15+ years and the people around, have necessarily left a deep impact and a lot to learn from. However, somewhere being a CEO, President or an employee doesn’t entice him much due to the lack of freedom to express. He believes interest on its own is strong enough to instil the workaholic nature in a human and put in efforts tirelessly. As far as stepping into the domain of fashion and accessories, he has ever since felt the huge market of Indian handicrafts with a million variations giving a unique opportunity to grow and develop.

    “You have a passion, put yourself into it. If you want to implement an idea, don’t wait for the right time. Be ready for the next 10 years, not the 10 months.”

    For the young and budding entrepreneurs, the founder clearly emphasises on trying out as soon as possible rather than waiting for the right time. A good idea to plan today and execute tomorrow is what one should follow. It is necessary to stress on long term goals and stay passionate throughout.

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