Tiklee: Unfolding the Cultural Classics

    The following piece is a report based on the video conference between Manisha Kashyap, Founder of Label Tiklee and Himasweeta Sarma and Divyanshi Kumari, Brand Executive and Brand Associate at The Story Lane, respectively. 

    Every state has its own skill set and there is so much to explore. I wanted to do something so that this art would get good recognition within the market.”

    Holding back the strong roots of heritage, Tiklee Fashion Label is a well curated entrepreneurial journey undertaken by the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) graduate Manisha Kashyap in her own state of Bihar.  Within the environment of western trade and fashion cultures predominantly occupying the Indian market, the Label Tiklee bears an inclination towards the aesthetics and cultures revolving round the state of Bihar.

    Through this revolutionary step, she aims to take the initiative of raising the craftsmanship coupled up with providing support to the local weavers and artisans and evolving a brand new generation of sustainable wear. With manipulative productions like wall arts and imprints on sheets, Madhubani in the form of organza shirts has begun to attach its old culture to the fast paced generation. 

    “My skill sets are in designing. Since childhood I have had a passion for designing.”

    Manisha Kashyap, Founder of Label Tiklee is an alumnus of the renowned institution of NIFT Hyderabad. With an industry experience of 3 years and working with labels like Limeroad, Craftly, etc., she has had the touch of working and enjoying the consistency of the corporate culture.

    However, at the some point she realised the presence of a restrictive environment of working for herself, a limited sphere to explore her creative mind. The want of experiencing all the above brought her to the zenith of Tiklee as the founder. The cluster program of ten days involving the exploration of  the Venkatagiri Sarees changed the essence of designing and passion for her.

    She holds the true passion of learning through industrial experiences and had spent a year teaching in a fashion school in Bihar to grasp the market culture of the same.Today she produces contemporary wear with an Indian touch, thus revolutionising the culture, print and designs of modern wear.

    “Someday you end with nothing, someday you end with a lot. But you enjoy the ups and downs. You have chosen it yourself. You enjoy it, you don’t regret.”

    Entrepreneurship is not a flowery imagination, you face the struggles everyday. Lack of funding is indeed harsh for Tiklee but the very fact of enjoying the work is more important. With lack of awareness of the startup ecosystem in Bihar, the less paying capability, the harshness of floods in Bihar in recent years or the growing pandemic; where at a point of time she could have stopped , none stood strong enough as her determination to accomplish her goal. 

    “I was someone under someone. Now, the people around me know what Manisha can do and what skill sets I have. You don’t need a great IQ, you don’t need a lump sum of money. All these factors are Y-factors , the main factor is consistency.”

    For the young leaders and budding entrepreneurs, Manisha has a crisp and simple advice -“Be consistent”. She emphasises on the fact that there exists no ‘B’ plan or ‘C’ plan but just keep on putting in efforts and be consistent, all these would necessarily take one to the point of desired destination.

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