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    The following report is based on a video conference between Payal Verma, Founder of theroverjournal and Himasweeta Sarma, Brand Executive at The Story Lane along with Divyanshi Kumari, Brand Associate at The Story Lane.

    “theroverjournal is a II- lifestyle experience where everyone has something to offer each other and pass on as a legacy. It is a platform where we come together and educate each other about the little things in life. We are aware of them but feel that being more vocal would really help.”

    The basic understanding in the part of the human self towards the creation of a safe and humane environment for the next generations has been fruitfully brought up by the founder Payal Verma through her initiative, theroverjournal. This is a startup that aims to recreate the second life of every thing into existence. Sustainability is the need of the hour and a rich heritage that humans have been gifted with, in forms of little acts of reusability, recycling, upcycling from reusing the empty plastic wares in kitchen or plastics into pot plants or traditional practices like knitting, crocheting, weaving or handing down the preloved garment, all of which have ever since resided in our homes. Utilising post-production waste, consumer waste and our unit scraps offers us an opportunity of breathing in new life. Theroverjournal works towards reviving and recovering through their sub-initiatives : ther_ _over ( Talks, Thrift, Exhibitions, home and many more) still in development encouraging the consumers to lead a conscious lifestyle.

    “Each and everyone of us can connect to the brand in a certain way. I am not building a perception of the brand. It’s for everybody : of the people, by the people , for the people.”

    The word ‘Rover’ means a wanderer or a traveller cherishing the joys of experiencing and exploring on the go. The founder lays the foundations of her mission through her sub-initiatives with one being the talk show. It is an initiative under theroverjournal that focuses on connecting with industry activists and brands catering to the environment

    ethically, encouraging a vocal approach and a much clearer way of sending out the message among our community. The latest one being – “Thrift Trend 2020”, analysed which brought forward the major issues, challenges that the instagram thrift stores faced in educating their consumers and bringing a shift in their thought process towards thrifting culture in India. Their thrift section adorns and makes way for preloved handpicked pieces which are donated by people who no longer feel them worthy of wearing and aims towards the creation of ‘brand or no brand’ norm for the garment by giving it a new identity. Through its Rover Recover fashion line, the brand plans to recover the scrap into textiles and then genderless clothing line supporting the LGBT community. With a sole belief in producing one of a kind, the initiative stands firm on the motto of Create Less, Consume Better. The Rover Exhibition is the portrait of an idea that is put among their customers through the amalgamation of ceramics & textiles to have the perception without art. “We turn scrap into fab”, she acknowledges.

    “I just want to take the initiative of recycling my own stuff. I collect everything.”

    The founder, Payal Verma holds a background in architecture and fashion. Having been a hoarder, she has ever since nurtured her habit of collecting scraps and looked forward to the transformation process. With experience of working with renowned companies like AJIO, Bodice, RARO and Doodlage , she has carried an exposure from Corporate to Fast and Slow Fashion brands. However, the project Fast Forward has been credited distinctly to push her towards the platform of recycling and upcycling. Since 2020, she has enjoyed the exploration of every platform to learn things working for her and the target audience that has been difficult to build when you are doing multiple things. The belief of imparting a second life to every minuscule thing of existence has brought her up as the founder of a remarkable initiative of theroverjournal.

    “My gloomy days become colourful when I see scrap.”

    The changing skewness of curves of struggles does make entrepreneurship an experience to risk for, however, coping with one is the road to overcome. The founder, Payal Verma states that building a community, communicating things in a right way, the brand identity and building up the target audience has been a challenge. However, they have managed well to cope up with the same and still have a long way to go. As for staying tough on the

    lines of risk, she remarks her fondness with scrap. From being a hoarder since her life and owning multiple boxes with scraps and minuscule threads lying on the floor of the studio, all of these have helped her in making the dullness of the days into a brighter survival. Her attachment to the studio and the excitement to pass on her learnings keeps her pacing forward.

    Along with looking for opportunities where and what she can work with and inspire individuals through her determined destination, she stands strong combatting the skewed trails.

    “If you will not collapse your boundary, you will never be able to explore.”

    Looking forward to her parents as her inspiration, she has always learnt to push oneself, collapse the barriers of comfort and be able to explore and connect with the world. She advises people to follow the same. She further upholds the message to the consumers to lead a life of conscious being. She believes that it’s the consumers that hold the strength to impact deeply. With very little things from buying just one shirt, they can make a lot of difference and commence their journey on the lines of sustainability. She emphasises on the ability to rethink the fact that everything can be put to use.

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