EPISODE 1: The Moment-Marketing Magic

    In today’s competitive world, there are many companies providing goods and services along the same lines, but very few become successful and get an edge over their competitors. The reason is not the end product but also the medium used to fill up the communication gap between the customer and the producer. Marketing acts as a catalyst between the company and the consumer. It communicates the feature(s), price, qualities, varieties, etc. of the product. Various campaigns, advertisements, and promotions are used to increase awareness about the brand in the form of marketing.

    There are numerous types of marketing and any medium which can be used as a tool to spread the word about the product or service can be termed as Marketing. This can be done either via online or offline platforms. Online marketing is more convenient and economical than the offline one.

    There has been a drastic change in the marketing environment with the usage of MOMENT MARKETING by most companies. It is one of the most convenient ways of connecting with viewers, both offline and online.

    Moment Marketing is basically analyzing the present viral trends and creating an interesting campaign, series, social media posts out of it. It helps in spreading the word to a larger audience as more people can connect with the advertisements and understand what exactly companies want to tell.”

    Amul has been a good and a major player, using this strategy from the very beginning and is known for pioneering this phenomenon. Nowadays, almost all the companies are preferring moment marketing and utilizing the advantages gained from the viral trends. It helps them to build frequent engagement with the audience. Social media platforms are commonly used to reach the target audience as it is economical and convenient.  

    Given below are some of the recent posts created by companies to interest their motive with the trending news.


    Amul’s take on moment marketing

    In the first image, Amul is trying to wish all its customers Happy Raksha Bandhan and through that, it has also advertised the feature of its product (i.e. being Maska). In this example of moment marketing, some of the festive season’s posts and campaigns are released to increase the brand image.

    In the second one, the breaking news of Amitabh Bachchan fighting against CoronaVirus has been depicted in a way that Amul has also been able to advertise its new gift product, recently added to its portfolio.

    In this example of the marketing phenomenon, news that went viral all over the internet was strategically used by the company. Usually, news related to celebrities and great personalities helps to reach a larger audience as social media makes it trending.


    This is an Instagram post released by Zomato in the form of a Twitter Template. Here, it can be seen how a piece of amazing news, related to another planet, was skilfully used by Zomato to market it as its own product. This makes customers want to eat or drink something which in turn compels them to order something.


    The trend started by memers in the form of “We have a joke..”, was utilized by this company to convey to its customers about the services that they provide and how it assures the best and confirmed delivery. Here, Dunzo is trying to advertise through the memes in trend so that the public can relate to it.

    When we look at these adverts, we look at how relatable or funny they are, but we fail to recognize that drawing the attention of consumers towards advertisements is not an easy task. Brands are relying more on moment marketing to connect with consumers and this has shown better results for many companies. As it not only increases the chance of being discovered by consumers but also making their presence stored in the memory of the viewers; after all, it all about leaving a mark.

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