The Flash of Networks: 5G

    Considered to be the latest plat du jour in the buffet of networks, 5th Generation (5G) network possesses a piquancy taste that is certain to savour the taste buds of everyone. A successor to a plethora of predecessors such as 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G, 5G continues to provide users with an all-encompassing wireless network but with more added characteristics. Taking its first breath in 2019, 5G made the adventurous dream of billions of devices connected together in real time a solid dynamic reality. 

    Making its users venture into the garden of upgraded welfare, 5G bestows us with electricity grids that will become more efficient in terms of bringing down carbon emissions along with reduced car clashes through the medium of better connections. Emergency assistance will also be accessible with just one call away coupled up with sensors which possess the expertise of recognizing natural disasters at priority basis. With the usage of drones in emergency situations, the response will be recorded with much clarity. In the rostrum of industries, 5G is presumed to be the building block of production lines which will behave in accordance with the demand and supply. One can be warned about machinery faults with the help of this angel named 5G. The slice of logistic network is also iced with the toppings of 5G that will result in faster connectivity among users. Ports and public places will be equipped with full fledged traceability connections; all credits to the saviour, 5G. Enabling powerful access to human made robots and vehicles through the medium of 5G will develop the entire safety system in a nutshell. This network will also act as a boon to farmers as an expansion in the use of IoT for a prosperous growth in crops. 

    5G brings the sunshine of eternal happiness onto the lives of its users as the sparkles of an outstanding experience are sure to fall over everyone. With a more enriched experience at hand, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be bottled up to the core with the network as its parent. Even in the midst of hundreds of people, 5G promises to provide a fast and reliable network to its users along with polished virtual meetings to promote team working from different geographical terrains. 

    The fascination of the implementation of such networks enlivens each and everyone of us. The most exciting features of 5G include its reliability and high speed. In a crowded place, a full HD movie can be downloaded within seconds by the whole. The signals used by 5G are best suited for smartphones, Wi-Fi and other satellite communication.

    The high tech machines of Ericsson company provide the best coverage for 5G. Ericsson Spectrum Sharing allows for accelerated 5G to unfurl using subsisting hardware. Ericsson has a leading 5G licenced portfolio and plays a crucial role in global uniformity. With the advent of the network spectrum, we can really say, the future is here.

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