The brand which healed without stinging took birth on May 22, 1992 when Johnson & Johnson acquired Savlon, followed by ITC in 2015. Savlon kicked off its journey as a disinfectant which was used to clean wounds and it further diversified and came up with hand-wash and soap.

    There on, Savlon initiated numerous marketing strategies to penetrate into the market. Its target market includes people from low to middle income groups which can be rightly justified by its product price which ranges from Rs.44 for 100 ml to Rs.77 for 200 ml. 

    Savlon initiated “Savlon Swasth India Mission’‘ under cause marketing which encouraged a behavioural change towards washing hands amongst children. Savlon observed that children in rural areas used chalkboards and chalks in place of pencil and notebooks to study and out of habit students used to erase the blackboard with their hands. During lunch time, children washed their hands with water, but water couldn’t wash off the chalk powder and when children directly ate their food with dirty hands, it resulted in illness and further dropping out of schools. 

    So, Savlon introduced Healthy Hand Chalk Sticks. These chalks worked as magic for children’s hands because these chalks could turn into soaps. Now, whenever students used to wash their hands the chalk powder on their hands would turn into soaps. Through this initiative, Savlon reached out to more than 3,00,000 children by November 2016. 

    Savlon also commenced a campaign, “Hath se Baat” with a similar goal to create a behavioural change among students to wash their hands. Under this campaign, students were tricked that they could talk to the germs on their hand and the activity allowed students to understand the importance of washing hands as hands are the primary carrier of disease causing germs. The campaign has succeeded to reach more than 1.5 million kids(By October 2017) and educate them through innovative and engaging cause marketing strategies. 

    The other marketing campaign introduced by Savlon was Performance Power. Under this campaign, Saina Nehwal was portrayed in a hard-hitting moment where she came over her fears which intended to encourage parents to boost their children to push off their limits and maximise their potential to succeed in life. Savlon distinctively used the line “Bacho se kabhi ye na kehna ki wo kuch ban nahi skte kyonki sbse zyada chot tab hi lagti hai, baki choto ke liye Savlon”.

    Savlon has been tirelessly trying to grow with their innovative advertising ideas and creative solutions for the betterment of the society. But when it comes to Savlon performance in the long run, the company has not been able to cater a huge market share which is 8% in India as compared to 80% market share of Dettol.

    India times

    From providing ‘painless’ antiseptic to coming up with innovative campaigns for children, Savlon has always proved to be a brand with value and has a special place in the hearts of those whom it managed to reach.

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