Oreo | The Human Cookies

    Have you ever wondered about Cookies in the form of humans? Or in the form of any planet? Or in the form of a panda? If not, here is one the most successful campaigns of all times released by Oreo in order to brand itself. 

    Oreo, a sandwich cookie consisting of two wafers (usually chocolate) with a sweet cream filling, has never failed to win the hearts of its audience through creative social media posts.

    This was a 100 day “Daily Twist” Campaign in order to showcase the presence of cookies everywhere. In other words, anything can be in the form of cookies and this was created in a conversational piece.

    Every day, for 100 days, the campaign came up with a twist and we witnessed something which could either relate to that day or that particular week (taking the advantage of moment marketing), for instance during Elvis week they released cookies styled to look like Elvis, the surface of Mars after Rover had driven over it, some were referred to pop culture events, Cookies to celebrate National Cheese Day cake, talk like a pirate day, among others.

    This particular cookie acted as a catalyst for the campaign by creating its awareness everywhere by being controversial. This is a Gay Pride rainbow cookie in recognition of the LGBTQ community which was released on 25th June. It led to the controversy by non-supporters of Gay marriage and they started boycotting the campaigns. But this bold and courageous move not only gifted the brand a customer base of liberal fans but also increased their revenue.

    Success for the store?

    This campaign was surely a success for the company. Oreo witnessed a 110% growth in fan interaction per social-media post — defined as a combination of shares, likes, or comments. The company increased the average engagement per post from 7,000 to 14,700. Oreo’s ability to make the product the basis of making the content relatable or conversational among the millennial is what pushed the campaign to success. This campaign has set an example for all the companies on how they should try to come up with ideas in which their target audience would be forced to like, comment and share without even asking for it.

    Importance of Campaigns

    Campaigns are one of the most important forms of marketing and branding. It is very important to choose the right kind of campaign which can be targeted to the right audience. This is considered to be the most economical way and can help in creating awareness to a larger audience. In this campaign, Oreo played very strategically in creating moments that people can relate to and form opinions about. This helped them engrave an image of their real product in the minds of the people.

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