Nothing To Something: The Highlighter of Careers

    The following report is based on a video conference between Ritu Bahuguna, Founder of Nothing To Something and Himasweeta Sarma, Brand Executive at The Story Lane along with Divyanshi Kumari, Brand Associate at The Story Lane.

    “While I was in college, I discovered a few things & that’s when I realised there’s something that needs to be changed in our education system.”

    Confronting our own selves through an unbiased sphere of knowledge has ever since played an important role in personal development. However when faced with the reality, you are confined in the stereotypical boundaries as a youth and acknowledged to mere 4 or 5 careers in spite of the availability of around 300+ options. It certainly disregards the aforementioned fact and misguides the youth towards the path they had never wanted to take. The growing ignorance accelerated the emergence of Nothing To Something (NTS) under the leadership of Ritu Bahuguna, the founder.

    Nothing To Something aims towards making the school & college students aware about the numerous career options, thus creating an ecosystem of informed individuals. Rising above the concept of career counselling, it is more of a professional awareness platform where people tend to get aware about their passion & step in the journey of achieving them. Their mentorship board involves people from every profession who guide the students about these careers covering a wide domain of earning, lifestyle and daily activities with the career. The startup is a progressive initiative towards bringing a change in the societal mindset wherein people would be discussing a career of paraglider & scuba diver too along with the mainstream options. “It is basically a journey of achieving from nothing to something,” she acknowledges.

    “I always wanted to be in a creative field but I was unaware & led astray by the people to take up science.”

    Proud alumnus of Delhi University, Ritu Bahuguna graduated in 2018 with a major in Computer Science. Flattered by the societal conventions, she too took up Science as her intermediate stream in +2. However, she was proficient in

    observing her environment that witnessed students graduating in fields they never wanted to. This backward scenario in schools and higher levels indeed laid the foundation stone of her entrepreneurial journey which she nurtured with a six month job in Marketing at the beginning; to grasp the different know-how of making and enduring the start. Today, she stands at the zenith of success as the founder of Nothing To Something as it goes on to impact a mass audience.

    “We are still building it and there are a lot of mistakes that we have made.”

    Trials and tribulations make the journey worth the effort. As for NTS, there was the phase of facing failure on seeing the projects fail miserably but at the end it’s all about learning and growing as a startup. On an individual level, the founder faced a background shift as marketing and sales was unknown to her. The few people on board for the same helped her combat it and step higher. Another major concern that they faced were the stereotypes still holding in-depth roots amidst the society. Having witnessed parents come out as “how is my child going to earn as a chef” or “teaching career is better for women”, they strive on organising workshops & seminars in order to make the parents and children aware that it is possible to make space in every career possible. Mass awareness caters to a wide audience & making a change happen overnight is not possible. With social media as a tool, they put in every effort to spread awareness via an engaging medium.

    “There are days up and low. That’s something true with every profession.”

    As for combatting the workload & stress that is a necessary element of an entrepreneurial journey, Ritu emphasises on the intrinsic motivation that has guided her ever since. “Motivation & passion for what we are working on keeps us going,” she states.

    “Keep doing things, keep learning. You’ll get to learn something new everyday.”

    Inspired by entrepreneurs like Ritesh Malik, Supriya Paul, she hopes to pass on the inspiration to the budding leaders taking a step into the journey of entrepreneurship. She emphasises on maintaining a journal/diary to note down

    things & the underprocesses that follow. She clearly advises to take a step into the execution irrespective of the fears of failure & different societal dissent.

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