Metvy: Democratizing Professional Networking

    The following report is based on a video conference between Shawrya Mehrotra,  Founder and CEO of Metvy and Komal Agrawal, Founder of The Story Lane along with Divyanshi Kumari,  Brand Associate at The Story Lane.

    At all times we are present around human beings , there is infinite professional potential but there is no way to interact with these people. That gap inspired me to start working on a hyperlocal networking app.”

    A socially admirable product of incessant efforts brought to reality by the KMC alumni Shawrya Mehrotra and Rajan Luthra, Metvy is an AI driven hyperlocal networking platform to enable its users to connect with people around by understanding their networking needs. Available in 9 different languages and with a 20000+ students reach and 15000+ downloads , Metvy focusses to democratize networking for Indians where professional networking stands as a universal need and no geographical or language demography can hamper it.

    “I had always been a guy who wanted to explore a lot of things but at the end of the day it was all lit and came down to entrepreneurship.  I realised when I was 15/16 this is what I want to do, this is who I want to be.”

    Shawrya Mehrotra, Founder & CEO of Metvy , a startup enthusiast, is an alumni of Kirorimal College, Delhi University having graduated in 2020 with a degree in Bcom(hons) and minor in Economics. He has always been a creative person and open to exploring various spheres from Stand Up Comedy to Music and worked with renowned startups like SproutBox and Ogilvy to understand the working of the ecosystem. He has explored a vast array of sectors from Content Writing to Marketing Strategy and Branding which have helped him in understanding the working of the startups and building fruitful connections.

    “The journey has always had ups and downs , a lot of things we could have done better , but at the end of the day when we look back , it has been a phenomenal learning experience.”

    Dreams require efforts. Witnessing people leaving, prospecting investors, limited funds, uncertain pandemic with many investors walking out, these had already made the task in its place not so ingenious . At then, the idea of connecting people, looking for guidance in specific fields to the right experts virtually pitched his mind and a progress of 1200 applicants from IITs and IIMs being a part of this initiative bloomed into Metvy Learn  which redeemed them from a financial condition. Shawrya says Only 1% of the startups survive in ecosystem & if we have been , we have definitely done something right

    You don’t really have an option , when the going gets tough , the tough gets going…..Fear of losing makes me come back and try harder,try things again.”

    Shawrya clearly remarks that tough times don’t actually provide an option but to buckle up and keep trying. The vision behind the efforts , the problem to deal with , the people depended on him , strives him on the track and keep him racing against the tough dealings. The fear of losing the structure that has seen him investing his indelible efforts makes him tougher and keep going. “At the end of the day,  coming into entrepreneurship is driving a car behind a drunken truck driver , you never know what is coming flying on you & considering you are the entrepreneur,  the driver you have to keep going avoiding what is coming on ” , Shawrya remarks.

    Until and unless you go through the pain of flapping your wings , you are not going to learn to fly”

    For the youngsters and budding entrepreneurs taking up leadership roles, Shawrya has a simple advice: to be not scared of falling because even to learn to fly a bird has to be thrown off the branch. The leadership opportunities are certainly going to be a hard track to trace but worth the efforts to put in. It’s the guts to try that we lack out of fear of failure .  A trial and ending up with a small probability of success is better than leaving untried and sure to fail.

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