Kavach : Every Student’s Personal Shield

    The succeeding report is based on a video conference between Saanya Khunger, Co-Founder of Kavach and Komal Agrawal, Founder of The Story Lane along with Himasweeta Sarma, Brand Executive at The Story Lane.

    “It’s not easy for a 17-18-year-old to realise what they want to do in their future at such an early stage. I realized this was a very common problem.”

    A brainchild of two prodigious minds, Saanya Khunger and Shrest Gupta, Kavach has been acting as every high-school student’s personal shield since July, 2020. The actual expression of the word ‘Kavach’ emanates vibes of inspiration and a feeling of assurance inside which we can get ourselves. An edu-management and consulting startup in nature, ‘Kavach – Your Personal Shield’ is an action by the cherries on top of various streams everywhere in the country in CBSE Examinations 2020. One can unwind and experience everything inside the warm hold of Kavach; five-star academic mentorship from experienced educationists, seniors, graduated class of the top schools of India and various specialists from the business.

    “I do like accountancy and finance but only to a limit where I know I don’t want to pursue it as a career.”

    When inquired about the choice of entrepreneurship over professional courses such as Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary, Saanya delineated that she is aware of the fact she will succeed in the above arena in respect to her aptitude but it will be devoid of any personal interest. Currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Commerce Honours from Hansraj College, University of Delhi; the risks concealed within the steps of building a start-up, having a team of her own and putting effort on a daily basis on the same is what her attention and happiness seeks for. She asserts that Kavach has been prioritising interests over aptitudes, thus growing and nourishing the seeds of a more inclusive and less judgemental future for the upcoming high-schoolers.

    “Managing between everything isn’t the easiest for sure and I have realised that in the past days but one got to learn.”

    Being a college student along with the role of a founder comes with its own set of problems with the load of college societies, internals, assignments and what not. However, Saanya stated she was able to manage her first semester of college and the workload of Kavach coupled up with sleepless nights at times. For the upcoming days, she’s still on her path of enlightenment to decipher the perfect schedule that will give birth to a steady work-life balance for her.

    “When you are starting up something which doesn’t already exist, you are going to have different problems for the same.”

    Elucidating on the trials and tribulations beheld by Kavach during its journey, Saanya expressed how bad days are an integral part of any start-up along with the happy days. The existence of days with less coordination among team members, witnessing 9/10 ratings of students for the mentorship programme and not 10/10 compromises sad moments with Saanya and the team members learning something new every day.

    “Pickup something you can work on your bad days as well.”

    As a message to the youth who are about to step into the world of entrepreneurship, Saanya highlights the struggles of procrastination, negative thinking that one might encounter during the course of commencing a start-up. But, when you witness the existence of the problems that your idea aims to resolve, an individual will be motivated by their own selves. Everything requires patience and time to grow and start-ups are no exception.

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