Good Furniture Works: The Believe in Furniture’s Essentiality

    The following report is based on a video conference between Tarana Malhotra, Founder of Good Furniture Works and Himasweeta Sarma, Brand Executive at The Story Lane along with Divyanshi Kumari, Brand Associate at The Story Lane.

    “This is our outlook & our country’s outlook that we don’t categorise furniture as an essential item.”

    In the fast paced culture of negligence to the smallest of the concerns, proud DU alumnus, Tarana Malhotra brings to the Indian market Good Furniture Works. Good Furniture Works is a customer-oriented online furniture startup that focuses on making furniture an easy accessible privilege to all stratas of the society.

    With an availability of handcrafted, customised and budget-oriented furnitures, Good Furniture Works aims to provide livelihood to artisans and bring a decline in the carbon footprints ensuring an environment safer for future generations. Dwelling on the thought, “Furniture makes your house a home. It is a personal expression and a reflection of you”, Good Furniture Works focuses on customer satisfaction as its utmost priority which gives it a distinction among its counterparts.

    “If I can work twelve hours for somebody else, then why not for myself!”

    Tarana Malhotra, Founder & CBO (Cheif Business Officer) of Good Furniture Works is a proud alumnus of Delhi University with a graduation in English Literature. She was exposed to the world of management and corporate culture at an early age when she started working with a garment export house in Bombay. Today she stands with an experience of 20+ years in diverse fields including retail, exports & fashion, healthcare, home services, etc which gives her a panorama of distinctive experience. Tarana has ever since considered Furniture as a necessary essential. “To sleep comfortably is everyone’s right”, remarks Tarana.

    “Every field as of today is a risk. Let’s give what people want instead of telling them what they want.”

    Entrepreneurial journey is indeed not a fanciful imagination to have dreamt and see it accomplished. Interior decoration market has gone down and the surge of the pandemic in 2020 has made the path not so easy to dread. With few workers in hand due to the mass migration fewer orders were taken up. However, the advantage of not holding up inventories didn’t let them face any product loss. Further, the Indian mass that predominantly believes in window shopping specifically in case of furniture, have been a witness of irregularities in online stores reverting back to their concerns and only few percent of them are distributed in a wide sphere of online market, indeed making things difficult. However, the one-to-one customer services from arranging for an easy outlook of the website to staying in personal touch with the customers offered by the startup has been instrumental enough to hold back its customers satisfied and the one stop solution to the majority of their concerns.

    “I have nice colleagues with me who helped day & night.”

    Every start-up has necessary ups and downs that do make the path tough to cross, however it’s the work ecosystem that necessarily plays an important role in combating the same. With good workers and great colleagues putting in their efforts tirelessly helped Tarana combat the workload. Further, the disorganised market of Furniture has indeed made her adopt the patient attitude and the frequent interactions with the customers has added an aspect of extrovert in her personality giving her the option to put herself in customers shoes to format things.

    “If you have the urge to do something of your own, you have to do it on your own. You have to take the initiative and get into the right field.”

    As in for the generations and budding entrepreneurs stepping in to perform leadership roles, Tarana keeps it crisp and short advising an individual to pay attention to oneself and their field. She emphasises on not looking around for directions. Looking forward to 10 people for guidance is indeed not what she suggests for.

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