For The Child In Us: Paper Boat Drinks

    Unveiling the curtains of our sugarcoated and bitter gourd filled memories of the past leaves us with an aftertaste of craving over the long lost innocence that inhabited us in our childhood days. The die-hard love for cartoons is what united children irrespective of their caste, creed, gender, etc. Entering the world of caricatures engrossed in satirical conversation with a pinch of innocence yet powerful life lessons attract both children and adults alike. Delivering its captivating advertisement in the form of cartoons, Paper Boat has managed to create a large fan base for its lip smacking and refreshing products. 

    Emerging as an e-commerce manifesto to Indian customers as a seller of numerous beverages that leaves you spell bound just after a sip was born in the lap of Haryana in 2009. Striving to provide first rate products to its consumers, the company lays out a fertile ground for this endeavour to grow and nourish the thirst of millions of Indians. Though Paper Boat is famous for many products, the most known are- thandai, serbet-e-khaas and panakam. The correct abstract for chill will be Thandai. Reaching the audience faster than Gangnam style and having an attachment to Hindu Mythology, Thandai has been the best seller of Paperboat. Serbet-e-khaas is the most loved drink of all time. Fitting in every mood, and the life giving elixir during the hot summers. 

    Having efficient communication with the consumers by relating them with daily basis and then by virtue of comparisons, making them realize about their products has been the most extraordinary way of Paper Boat ads. “Can there be a Tom without a Jerry, a Betaal without a Vikram, or a picnic without Antakshari? Now imagine a Holi without Thandai. Unthinkable, no?” This is just an example of one of their products. Keeping this as an epitome, we can quite clearly figure out how they have picked up world’s well known facts, about their dependency and then how they have interrelated their product for the same. They made it very clear just like how for Tom, there is always a Jerry, similarly for every need, we have their products.

    Visioned under the curtains with the promising effects of 3D, ‘Hope- The Boat’ given to us by Paperboat has made its motion set in the world of animation and also to act as a messenger of buoyancy to the youth of contemporary times and  the spirit of optimism being represented by the personification of a little paper boat or a boat of hope as many would say. The hard work of all the members of the cast made this film possible within a minuscule span of 75 days; a young boy marks the beginning of a journey of his boat on an unforeseen, yet adventurous voyage. Cracking through every rock and hazards of nature, the boat makes its way to reach its final destination. Through this film, Paper Boat aims at sending across an inspiring message to never give up on our dreams.

    A unique initiative in advertising among the others present in the garden of companies in India, Paper Boat via its advertising strategies has henceforth proved that “Old is Gold“. 

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