Digital Marketing in 2020


    Do you remember the last time you had a glance at the pamphlet handed to you by some random person on the road before throwing it away? Oh, that’s a whole lot of effort.

    But, do you remember pausing for Sponsored advertisement of an enormous Flash Sale or a Giveaway while scrolling your Instagram feed? Obviously! You wouldn’t miss those for the world.

    This transition from offline to digital is  big. And what follows is an attempt to answer the #HowWhenWhy.

    You might probably be aware of the concept Digital Marketing, but if not, here’s an easy explanation – “Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or services over the net or any other style of electronic media.” But when did it start to become a basic element of our lives is the real question here.

    Let’s rewind back to 30 years. Back in the 1990’s, Web 1.0 platform was developed which helped users to search out necessary information. But, it failed to allow them to share this information online. At that time, marketers worldwide were still unsure of the digital platform. Then, in 1993, the first ever clickable web-ad banner went live.

    As users increased, the landscape evolved, and Yahoo was launched. Within an year, it received nearly 1 million hits, with companies optimising their websites to drag in higher computer program rankings and this attracted companies to the digital marketing space. 1998 saw the birth of our very favorite, Google, a goldmine in real sense.

    Soon, social networking sites began to emerge. In 2004, people still used MySpace. Who knew at the time that Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard roommates would release a giant that would crush all that came before. It absolutely was the beginning of a new era for digital marketing. Today, with channels which never sleep like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, social media stopped being  a channel to simply chat with friends. With so many newer resources, a fresh avenue and approach was signaled which brands started to invest upon.

    The concept of Digital Marketing has become so strong today that a Google bot crawls and indexes trillions of pages on the net and makes the most relevant ones instantly accessible. A brand can reach anyone, anywhere at any time, and that’s powerful. Organizations are choosing paid media promotion where they bid for the  highest spot for their desired audience and based on Google’s calculation they get ranked on the top (also known as SEO technique)

    Today brands have become competent and with the utilization of Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc, they want to know about the success of every penny being spent by them and what digital marketing is doing for them. 

    However, with more and more content, there’s room only for the best. A NewsCred study reveals that 62% of millennials say their online loyalty towards a brand is driven by the king today, yes the content.

    Today, brands are scrounging for audience ‘mind-space’ and can’t afford to be lazy. Since everything that happens within the world turns into news, brands don’t leave an opportunity to ride the radio wave. Because they know, it’s one sure shot way of getting interaction and conversations from the audience that go beyond the product and services. And hence, delivering a seamless, consistent voice and cohesive brand message becomes vital. Video marketing, by reciting a compelling story has also become a “can’t-miss-attention” formula.

    Very interestingly, all of us have a new stalker these days. Whatever products which we view across websites, “re-targeting” technique helps to track these data through cookies(the dialogue box which appears most of the time while we visit a website, and we ignorantly agree on giving away information by clicking on “Yes, I accept”) and continues to show those product specific ads.

    With such a world customer reach, cost effective practices , enhanced customer interaction and feedback, it wouldn’t be wrong to bid a goodbye to traditional marketing platforms.

    So Alexa, do you know what a pamphlet is? Or have you already forgotten about it just like the approaching generations are going to?

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