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    Women for World: Redefining Travel & Tour

    “According to UNFPA, >50% employed in Tourism in India is women but there is no sign of it. Even though we see females everywhere,...

    Nothing To Something: The Highlighter of Careers

    Nothing To Something aims towards making the school & college students aware about the numerous career options, thus creating an ecosystem of informed individuals. Rising above the concept of career counselling, it is more of a professional awareness platform where people tend to get aware about their passion & step in the journey of achieving them.

    theroverjournal : Architect of Sustainability

    The basic understanding in the part of the human self towards the creation of a safe and humane environment for the next generations has been fruitfully brought up by the founder Payal Verma through her initiative, theroverjournal.

    VOLUME: Of Creativity, Curiosity & Content

    Questioning the monotonous industry standards that have been there for more than 30 years, Jonah Eapen, along with Suzana John, Saurabh Pujari and Abhiram Bairu, has brought in the new era of curated and crafted content through their startup VOLUME.

    ViVaNee Fashion Art: Breathing Life Into Culture

    With a forward progress towards the age of modernisation and progressive industrialisation, somewhere the core industries have suffered since ages. Witnessing these changing trends and phases, Vikash Singh and Neeraj Kumari brought into emergence - ViVaNee Fashion Art.

    EasyLearningIndia: A Harbinger of Inclusive Education

    EasyLearningIndia keeps the students updated with the courses available in different sectors & methodology to adopt during the preparation and acts as one stop platform to assess the colleges in these courses, exam dates, books, e-books, mock tests, videos, free quizzes, forum etc.

    Good Furniture Works: The Believe in Furniture’s Essentiality

    In the fast paced culture of negligence to the smallest of the concerns, proud DU alumnus, Tarana Malhotra brings to the Indian market Good Furniture Works. Good Furniture Works is a customer-oriented online furniture startup that focuses on making furniture an easy accessible privilege to all stratas of the society.

    Tiklee: Unfolding the Cultural Classics

    Manisha Kashyap, Founder of Label Tiklee is an alumnus of the renowned institution of NIFT Hyderabad. With an industry experience of 3 years and working with labels like Limeroad, Craftly, etc

    AIBC: Cessation to the White Space in Business Learning

    Tanushka Yadav, Co-founder of All India Business Conclave is currently pursuing Business Management Studies (BMS) from Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, DU. She is a commerce graduate student with an everlasting eagerness and urge to explore and grow. Beginning her journey from exploring through places and streets of Delhi; learning general traditional business, she had her first experience in selling books online in the DU circuit. With inclinations towards spirituality and fitness, she stands today as an inspirational young entrepreneur and a proud member of IIM Bangalore Women Startup Program.

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