Out of the box

    Reliance Communications

    Supplementing fuel to the downfall, trouble started bubbling among the brothers due to complicated personal reasons. In 2005, after the intervention of their mother, the entire conglomerate was divided into two. Following the split, Anil Ambani took over the telecom arm amongst many others as part of a greater agreement.

    Burger King & OLD TWEETS!

    Burger King’s twitter account started liking some of his old tweets, going all the way back to 2010. He tagged and tweeted about the whole affair at the food chain's official account, but, to his dismay, there was no response.

    Elon Musk – Part 2 SpaceX

    SpaceX is a brand. What makes it even more appealing is the presence of the witty entrepreneur- Elon Reeve Musk. The company was the first private company to launch, orbit and recover a spacecraft; send a satellite into high earth orbit and launch commercial manned spaceflight.

    Marketing- A Key Factor to Win Politics?

    Read more about the political marketing strategies which helped Modi win 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

    Rise and Fall of Forever 21

    Forever 21 expanded “too fast, too soon”. They expanded rapidly in a short period of time, going from outlets in seven countries to 47 in just six years. However, inadequate research about consumer tastes and preferences and failure to tailor their designs as per local needs proved to be one of their biggest mistakes.

    Lays: Sharing Stories and Spreading Smiles

    Lays went an extra mile and introduced an out-of-the-box campaign: #SmileDekeDekho. The packaging now featured smiles of influencers from across the country, it no longer talked about the product benefits. The goal was now to weave a narrative around sharing smiles and connecting; an idea which got the users asking for their smiles on the Lays packages.

    McDonald’s Seed Bombing

    This innovative Eco-friendly advertising campaign employed by McDonald’s, world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, is understood as Seed Bombing. Seed bombing, which could be a well-known concept, hasn't been utilized in marketing a product before.

    Decentralisation of Finance: Impact on Traditional Banking

    When we talk about the Decentralisation of Finance: Impact on Traditional Banking, we know we are heading towards an organisation managed by employees, secretive about its functioning, bound by its geographical institutions with a certain set of complicated procedures to be followed.

    Alphabet’s Internet Beaming Balloon

    What is a smartphone without an internet connection? Just a device that enables you to make and receive calls and messages along with certain other basic features. No doubt our expensive smartphones are not of much use these days without a stable internet connection.

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