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    Alphabet’s Internet Beaming Balloon

    What is a smartphone without an internet connection? Just a device that enables you to make and receive calls and messages along with certain other basic features. No doubt our expensive smartphones are not of much use these days without a stable internet connection.

    The Jio Empire

    Once criticized for its way of operations, today, JIO is clearly enunciating it's worth and tremendous potential. In the end, we can only imagine the future JIO holds for itself and the stakeholders (including India itself). The cards have been dealt, the stakes are as high and now there is no going back.

    Trell: Indian Tiktok

    “Trell” developed in India by a company with the same name and now situated in Bengaluru has hit the market with a great thump. Developed in 2016, the main idea behind the application was to share the local and interesting knowledge for people who are not into blogging.

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