The brand which healed without stinging took birth on May 22, 1992 when Johnson & Johnson acquired Savlon, followed by ITC in 2015. Savlon kicked off its journey as a disinfectant which was used to clean wounds and it further diversified and came up with hand-wash and soap.

    Marketing- A Key Factor to Win Politics?

    Read more about the political marketing strategies which helped Modi win 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

    Digital Marketing in 2020

    Do you remember the last time you had a glance at the pamphlet handed to you by some random person on the road, only to throw it away? Oh, that’s a whole lot of effort. But, do you remember pausing for the sponsored advertisement of an enormous Flash Sale or a Giveaway while scrolling your Instagram feed? Obviously! You wouldn’t miss those for the world. This transition from real to digital is big. And what follows is an attempt to answer the #HowWhenWhy. Let's read what's ahead!

    Airbnb’s new logo!

    After investing so much time in the new logo, they came up with an upgraded version of their symbol, known as “Belo”. It is the representation of four things: people, place, love and the “A” of Airbnb.

    Out of the Box and Into Bottled Water

    Have you ever wondered why companies and organizations out there spend billions on marketing? We’ll tell you the reason behind this – “it is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

    Oreo | The Human Cookies

    Have you ever wondered about Cookies in the form of humans? Or in the form of any planet? Or in the form of a panda? If not, here is one the most successful campaigns of all times released by Oreo in order to brand itself.

    Dunkin’ Donuts Flavour Radio

    Imagine on a monday morning, amongst the hustle of buses, you suddenly sense the aroma of coffee around you, can you ignore it? A Big No. Dunkin’ Donuts used a unique way to advertise its product called “Flavor Radio”.

    Lays: Sharing Stories and Spreading Smiles

    Lays went an extra mile and introduced an out-of-the-box campaign: #SmileDekeDekho. The packaging now featured smiles of influencers from across the country, it no longer talked about the product benefits. The goal was now to weave a narrative around sharing smiles and connecting; an idea which got the users asking for their smiles on the Lays packages.

    McDonald’s Seed Bombing

    This innovative Eco-friendly advertising campaign employed by McDonald’s, world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, is understood as Seed Bombing. Seed bombing, which could be a well-known concept, hasn't been utilized in marketing a product before.

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