Companies Quarantiming

    Episode 6: Google

    Even after the nation-wide lockdown was imposed in India, Google’s stocks continued to follow the same trend. It was not until April 29th that the company’s performance rose yet again and the decline proved to be less severe than feared by the markets.

    Episode 5: Netflix

    During the pre-lockdown period the company had been witnessing extraordinary cash flow burn. The major reason being the production of original content by the company.

    Episode 4: Grofers

    One such emerging on demand start-up is Gurgaon based Grofers, which not only connects customers with nearby retail stores, but also promises to deliver grocery within 90 minutes.

    Episode 3: Zoom Video Communications

    Founded by Eric Yuan in 2011, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is a US-based Communications technology company.

    Episode 2: DMart

    DMart is India’s most profitable supermarket chain known for its thrifty cost structure. The efficient cost management allows them to offer their products at a cheaper rate and the inventory moves so fast that the stores place monthly orders for fresh stock, the shortest period among all Indian retailers.

    Episode 1: Bharti Airtel

    Additionally, the telecom company has recently acquired a 10% stake in "Lattu Kids" which is an education technology-based company focused on providing kids with an e-learning platform. Lattu Kids has recently struck the market hard and is in for a real treat. With many companies intercepting higher profits and goods future gains from the company, it is now already a part of the Airtel Startup Accelerator Program.

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