Starbucks’ Business Model

    Starbucks’ Business Model Starbucks is the largest chain of coffee houses with a very different story of a beverage brand and a coffee business empire.

    Elon Musk – Part 3 Neuralink

    Neuralink is a neural tech company based in California. It was co-founded by visionary Elon Musk back in 2016. Recently, the company explained its product in a live demonstration event after keeping its details hidden from the public all this while.

    Elon Musk – Part 2 SpaceX

    SpaceX is a brand. What makes it even more appealing is the presence of the witty entrepreneur- Elon Reeve Musk. The company was the first private company to launch, orbit and recover a spacecraft; send a satellite into high earth orbit and launch commercial manned spaceflight.

    Elon Musk – Part 1 TESLA

    The electric car manufacturer Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk have been making it to the headlines ever so often. The man has either haters or lovers, no in-betweens.

    Wikipedia’s Business Model

    Wikipedia, the one stop shop for all our school projects and assignments has a simple but unique business model. Appearing at the top in almost all the searches, it is the world’s largest encyclopedia and one of the most visited websites

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    Episode 2: Personalized Marketing

    Major companies are incorporating personalization into their marketing campaigns, with Internet-based companies leading the way. When we access any website, we are asked for permission to allow ‘cookies’. Have you ever wondered what they are?

    Compaq : The Bestseller’s Extinction

    Taking birth in the minds of Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto, Compaq possessed the crown of the largest purveyors of personal computers before the 1990s with every household’s dream to own one. With the succulent taste of success over their tongues, not a single individual could predict the cataclysmic storm that awaited for the company in the impending years which eventually killed this once glorious company in 2013.


    Nokia. The brand name that was forged in Finland and outlived every other, so much so that it is now revered as a cultural phenomenon in the form of countless memes. The popularity is so widespread that even if you weren’t lucky enough to use its phones, you must be well acquainted with the classic ‘unbreakable’ Nokia phone.


    The story today concerns a six-month battle tracing back to 2006, when the creation of the steel group, Arcelor Mittal took place, by far the largest steel company in the world, combining as it did the two largest companies - Arcelor Steel and Mittal Steel.