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    The story today concerns a six-month battle tracing back to 2006, when the creation of the steel group, Arcelor Mittal took place, by far the largest steel company in the world, combining as it did the two largest companies - Arcelor Steel and Mittal Steel.


    Swiggy is following a non-stop journey. The brand which started with delivering food in one city is now escalating across India. Having changed the entire landscape of how India eats, its unconventional business model has made the life of every foodie easier, tastier, and more fun.


    Back in 2018, the British-Dutch Company, HUL announced its merger with the Indian nutrition business of GlaxoSmithKline and was anticipated to support the FMCG company's position in the Indian market in a significant manner.

    The Sponsor’s Paradise

    It was in the year 2007 that our perception of cricket changed forever. For those who cannot understand what the conversation is about, in this year, the concept of IPL was launched, leading to a revolution in Indian Domestic Cricket.

    Work From Home- Is The New Concept Here To Stay?

    Things changed almost overnight when the Corona virus broke out and called for a complete lockdown. It’s been six months now but the biggest...

    Digital Marketing in 2020

    Do you remember the last time you had a glance at the pamphlet handed to you by some random person on the road, only to throw it away? Oh, that’s a whole lot of effort. But, do you remember pausing for the sponsored advertisement of an enormous Flash Sale or a Giveaway while scrolling your Instagram feed? Obviously! You wouldn’t miss those for the world. This transition from real to digital is big. And what follows is an attempt to answer the #HowWhenWhy. Let's read what's ahead!

    Nokia’s Downfall at a Glance

    How Connecting “to” People did not work for Nokia As they assert, “Whatever goes up, must come down”.  The same happened to our favourite, Nokia! Something which...

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