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    Rise and Fall of Forever 21

    Forever 21 expanded “too fast, too soon”. They expanded rapidly in a short period of time, going from outlets in seven countries to 47 in just six years. However, inadequate research about consumer tastes and preferences and failure to tailor their designs as per local needs proved to be one of their biggest mistakes.

    Out of the Box and Into Bottled Water

    Have you ever wondered why companies and organizations out there spend billions on marketing? We’ll tell you the reason behind this – “it is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

    Lays: Sharing Stories and Spreading Smiles

    Lays went an extra mile and introduced an out-of-the-box campaign: #SmileDekeDekho. The packaging now featured smiles of influencers from across the country, it no longer talked about the product benefits. The goal was now to weave a narrative around sharing smiles and connecting; an idea which got the users asking for their smiles on the Lays packages.

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