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    Nokia. The brand name that was forged in Finland and outlived every other, so much so that it is now revered as a cultural phenomenon in the form of countless memes. The popularity is so widespread that even if you weren’t lucky enough to use its phones, you must be well acquainted with the classic ‘unbreakable’ Nokia phone.

    Vine: What’s Trending?

    Before TikTok became a household name, or Snapchat streaks became a trend, the world was going crazy about Vine, a social networking, short-video hosting company.


    Kodak is a name that brings back a flood of memories, especially for those of us born before digital cameras were popularised.

    Jet Airways: A Journey from Riches to Rags

    Jet Airways, an airline operator, incorporated in 1992, was a private company funded by Naresh Goyal (60%), Gulf Air (20%) and Kuwait Airways (20%) (though, both of the latter two international airlines had to exit in 1997 after a government ordinance and Naresh Goyal purchased the remaining 40% stock).

    Smart Home Technology

    There are chances that you might have heard these commands, even used them at least once over the past few years. They are two of the most commonly used commands for Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant, the most acclaimed artificially intelligent assistants available in the market, respectively.

    Episode 6: Google

    Even after the nation-wide lockdown was imposed in India, Google’s stocks continued to follow the same trend. It was not until April 29th that the company’s performance rose yet again and the decline proved to be less severe than feared by the markets.

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