Maansi Shekhar

    Maansi is currently pursuing B.Com (H) at Kirori Mal College. Known for her extroverted exuberance and contagious energy, she can be found either exploring the city or lost in a world of books.
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    Flipkart and Walmart

    Remember when we only heard about Walmart in Hollywood movies? Well that changed with it acquired India's largest e-commerce platform, Flipkart and what ensued is nothing short of a delight. Go ahead and know more about the most significant acquisition of 2018.

    PUBG ban in India!

    PUBG ban in India! Developed by China’s Tencent Games-owned LightSpeed and Quantum Studio, this battle royale has over 17.5 crore Indians glued to their screens.

    Decentralisation of Finance: Impact on Traditional Banking

    When we talk about the Decentralisation of Finance: Impact on Traditional Banking, we know we are heading towards an organisation managed by employees, secretive about its functioning, bound by its geographical institutions with a certain set of complicated procedures to be followed.

    Decentralisation of Finance: INTRODUCTION

    We very well know what fiscal decentralization is, but what do we know about the Decentralisation of Finance? To put it as simply as possible, DeFi is the movement that leverages decentralized networks to transform old trustless and transparent financial protocols that run without intermediaries

    Episode 7: Amazon

    Amazon has brought laurels in the fields of e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence.

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