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    Nicholas Cage and his $150 Million Fortune

    Nicholas Cage is one of the bigger actors in Hollywood, headlining classic movies like The Ghost Rider, the ever so awesome National Treasure Series, Face/Off with John Travolta, and many more. It's not rare when celebrities go overboard with their spending, but Cage gave the word overboard a whole different meaning. Once among the richest Hollywood stars, having a net worth of around $150 million, Cage has always had a huge spending problem. He squandered a whole lot of his fortune on bizarre items.

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon is a household name when it comes to wrestling. He is, without a doubt, the face of WWE with a star to his name in the walk of fame. It can be presumed that a high ranking personality like him would be a billionaire, but what can’t be is the fact that he took numerous tumbles from his high chair.

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