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    Burger King & OLD TWEETS!

    Burger King’s twitter account started liking some of his old tweets, going all the way back to 2010. He tagged and tweeted about the whole affair at the food chain's official account, but, to his dismay, there was no response.

    Nicholas Cage and his $150 Million Fortune

    Nicholas Cage is one of the bigger actors in Hollywood, headlining classic movies like The Ghost Rider, the ever so awesome National Treasure Series, Face/Off with John Travolta, and many more. It's not rare when celebrities go overboard with their spending, but Cage gave the word overboard a whole different meaning. Once among the richest Hollywood stars, having a net worth of around $150 million, Cage has always had a huge spending problem. He squandered a whole lot of his fortune on bizarre items.

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon is a household name when it comes to wrestling. He is, without a doubt, the face of WWE with a star to his name in the walk of fame. It can be presumed that a high ranking personality like him would be a billionaire, but what can’t be is the fact that he took numerous tumbles from his high chair.

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