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    The brand which healed without stinging took birth on May 22, 1992 when Johnson & Johnson acquired Savlon, followed by ITC in 2015. Savlon kicked off its journey as a disinfectant which was used to clean wounds and it further diversified and came up with hand-wash and soap.

    Blackberry: From 50% to almost 0

    In 2011, Blackberry used to be among the top companies leading the mobile market with a market value of over $19.9 billion. On the other hand, today with a market value of only $1040 million, Blackberry does not even make it to the top 10 companies in the mobile market.

    Dunkin’ Donuts Flavour Radio

    Imagine on a monday morning, amongst the hustle of buses, you suddenly sense the aroma of coffee around you, can you ignore it? A Big No. Dunkin’ Donuts used a unique way to advertise its product called “Flavor Radio”.

    McDonald’s Seed Bombing

    This innovative Eco-friendly advertising campaign employed by McDonald’s, world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, is understood as Seed Bombing. Seed bombing, which could be a well-known concept, hasn't been utilized in marketing a product before.

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