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    Reliance Communications

    Supplementing fuel to the downfall, trouble started bubbling among the brothers due to complicated personal reasons. In 2005, after the intervention of their mother, the entire conglomerate was divided into two. Following the split, Anil Ambani took over the telecom arm amongst many others as part of a greater agreement.

    The Era of Big 5: Disney & Fox

    Headlines on New York Times, March 20th, 2019, read: "Disney moves from Behemoth to Colossus with closing of Fox Deal''. It was and continues to be the prevalent opinion of the masses as The Walt Disney Company (Disney) acquired Twentieth Century Fox (Fox), accommodating almost whole of its assets for a whopping US$ 71.3 Billion thus marking one of the most notable developments in the entire world media in the previous immediate 50 years. We shall traverse this significant advancement by going beyond the headlines and thus simplifying it.

    Vodafone and Idea Merger

    India is currently the second-largest telecommunications market with a subscriber base of about 1.16 billion. The Indian mobile economy is expanding swiftly and will...

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