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    Marketing- A Key Factor to Win Politics?

    Read more about the political marketing strategies which helped Modi win 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

    Kingfisher Airlines: The Indian Escape

    Kingfisher Airlines commenced operations in 2005 and was declared bankrupt in 2012. Vijay Mallya, in order to avoid justice fled India in 2016 owing Rs. 9000 Crore to Indian banks. This news spread like wildfire, it questioned even the jurisdiction capabilities of the Indian Government on how easily justice could be evaded by crossing the nation’s border.

    Airbnb’s new logo!

    After investing so much time in the new logo, they came up with an upgraded version of their symbol, known as “Belo”. It is the representation of four things: people, place, love and the “A” of Airbnb.

    Oreo | The Human Cookies

    Have you ever wondered about Cookies in the form of humans? Or in the form of any planet? Or in the form of a panda? If not, here is one the most successful campaigns of all times released by Oreo in order to brand itself.

    The Process of Entrepreneurship

    The process of entrepreneurship begins with designing, launching, and managing a business venture along with the risk it carries with it. It is not just a venture but a bread earner for people who have invested their life in thinking about the idea, working on that and expanding it to the fullest. With the passage of time, it becomes an emotion for those ambitious people.

    EPISODE 1: The Moment-Marketing Magic

    There has been a drastic change in the marketing environment with the usage of MOMENT-MARKETING by most companies. It is one of the most convenient ways of connecting with viewers, both offline and online.

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