Airbnb’s new logo!

    The logo of a company not only helps in creating a recalling mark on the audience’s mind but also is significant in telling the mission and vision of the company. Very few companies are able to use their logo as a marketing tool. Generally, slogans are used in branding the brand and setting its identity different from others. Airbnb has refined its logo and marketed itself as a better corporation which aims to make people feel that they can “Belong Anywhere” in the world.

    Airbnb, the US based corporation is an online platform where users get an opportunity to book their lodging or accommodations in over 34000 cities and 190 countries. The accommodation it provides can be a house, a single room, a boat or even a tree house. The company does not own any of the property listings, nor does it host events; it only acts as a broker, who receives commission from each booking. 

    One day, the founder realised that Belongingness is the idea that defines Airbnb but the way they have represented it to the world (here the reference is to the previous logo) had not been successful in capturing belongingness. Hence, the company decided to come up with a better version, defining their vision and use it to market themselves.

    After investing so much time in the new logo, they came up with an upgraded version of their symbol, known as “Belo”. It is the representation of four things: people, place, love and the “A” of Airbnb.

    It shows an integration of how Airbnb aims to create an environment of belongingness for its users by providing a lovely place to the people who find an accommodation through them. With the launch of this new logo, the company was successful in running many campaigns with their logo. People were quite interested and engaged with their campaigns.

    One such Campaign was Create your own Belo

    An option was given to the traffic on the company’s website to personalise their own Belo and get that in the form of cards, mugs and t-shirts. This actually increased traffic to their website and people creating their own version, providing the brand with the required  publicity. Many other campaigns related to Belo took place and the company found that Belo acted as a catalyst in promoting the broader vision of the company.

    Success for the store

    The idea of representing all the major stakeholders of the company in a symbol, Belo has been successful and considered to be one of the most marketing-oriented logos. Airbnb campaigns performed  so well that it dominated the social media tourism markets on Instagram, Snapchats and Facebook, among others. Many adventurers, bloggers, travellers were lured towards the new logo and their campaigns, creating a huge market base for Airbnb. 

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