AIBC: Cessation to the White Space in Business Learning

    The following report is based on a video conference between Tanushka Yadav, Co-founder, All India Business Conclave and Himasweeta Sarma, Brand Executive at The Story Lane along with Divyanshi Kumari, Brand Associate at The Story Lane.

    “Usually, schools have a lot of discussions and competitions on politics and general stuff but nobody talks about business.”

    Paving a peerless path in the dimensions of Ed-Tech startups, proud University of Delhi (DU) students of Deen Dyan Upadhyaya College (DDUC), Tanushka Yadav and Abhay Agarwal brought to the realms of education an intriguing way of introducing business to the teens and students, the All India Business Conclave (AIBC). It is a platform to introduce the students to the world of business affairs and provide entrepreneurial insights via live interactions, workshops, live projects and competitions.

    The perfect hotspot to bridge the gap between schools, corporate and industrial environment with an emphasis on the practical learning wherein students step in as the CEO and founders of reputed organisations and through numerous chapters of simulation events hone their skills in eloquence, debate, analytics, research including problem solving and decision-making. AIBC flawlessly lays the model of engaging and interactive learning to thirst the business inquisites.

    “Business is something I always wanted to do because I wanted to have something of my own, that passion was always there.”

    Tanushka Yadav, Co-founder of All India Business Conclave is currently pursuing Business Management Studies (BMS) from Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, DU. She is a commerce graduate student with an everlasting eagerness and urge to explore and grow. Beginning her journey from exploring through places and streets of Delhi; learning general traditional business, she had her first experience in selling books online in the DU circuit. With inclinations towards spirituality and fitness, she stands today as an inspirational young entrepreneur and a proud member of IIM Bangalore Women Startup Program.

    “We converted the problems and weaknesses into strengths. That was the only option we had then.”

    The pandemic’s hit cannot be underestimated to leave no man in shiver. COVID-19 was indeed an unprecedented affair for the world to attend and indeed All India Business Conclave did face some of its wrath too for the live interactions being held physically and had to be discontinued. However, every struggle is about overcoming and opting for the best alternative. Similarly, a shift to the online platform not only resolved their differences with the pandemic but also surpassed the geographical barrier. Where at one point there was a restriction to schools in Delhi and nearby states, today AIBC sees itself within the students from Maharashtra and South India too.

    “For a successful entrepreneur/businessperson, the best days are when our customers are happy and satisfied.”

    Tanushka remarks as for an ed-tech startup seeing students coming back on a daily basis is the happiest moment for her in spite of seeing the harshness of surviving in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. “What makes me feel better on the hard days is the support of my Co-founder”, she clearly states that it is the blessing of a partnership and performing roles of picking each other up at hard and low times is what helps them walk through tough times.

    “When somebody starts their entrepreneurial journey, they feel it’s going to be very fancy and romanticize about it.”

    As for the generations and budding entrepreneurs taking a step to perform leadership roles, Tanushka advises to get into doing a lot of market study and learning feedback from a diversity of people, this would in a way polish the idea that one possesses. “Facing rejection is a very good thing”. Tanushka encourages to start small, instead of worrying about competing with big scale startups, she emphasizes on the fact that one has all the resources to start small, learn and experiment and this will ultimately prepare them for the next big thing.

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