AI-Powered Chatbots: The Thor of Technology

    Unearthing things and arraying them out to the world runs in the blood and veins of humans since they first discovered fire by striking stones together. Kicking off from those unscripted times, there has been no looking back; both for humans and revelations from various fields surrounding human civilisations. Hovering in the minds of developers for years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) captured the attention of the public the very moment it hit the markets. Constructed on the bricks on the pedestal of AI are the powered Chatbots with assets loaded up to the brim.

    Beneficial to humans in numerous ways and means, AI Chatbots possess the fascinating ability to be trained to utmost perfection. AI Chatbots are trained to complete the task and with further training it becomes more precise. Also after conversation with many humans, it becomes smarter. AI Chatbot is a kind of human that never is off duty. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it can work every time without a pause. This human can increase its efficiency in talking if it is placed for staff-customer programs. It can start with talking to visitors coming to one’s website to buy products and it further helps them to select their desired product. 

    Owing to its success, these AI Chatbots can be moved to real shops where they can give service to the various consumers. Apart from giving services, these Chatbots can also work as an advertising agent for your brand. They will talk to the consumer in the exact way the brand talks and will use different tones like humour and personality to attract consumers.

    The cost of these humans are much like any of the AI Robots. These Chatbots are designed to solve one’s problems. The Chatbots must be placed somewhere from where it can grab information which can fill its stomach entirely.

    Just how each coin has two sides; in the similar manner, advantages and disadvantages seem to accompany everything on this planet like unrequired travel partners. On the bright side of advantages, gathering customers’ data seems to be the beholder of the most important asset. Problems can be solved easily with just a flick of the wand of data stored in the Chatbots. Hearing praises that reach the sky about Chatbots from your friends and relatives made you buy one as well and you are satisfied. Customer satisfaction is another advantage that makes it to the list. Its full time commitment of 24×7, which never leaves you even for a second makes it the favourite of many. In a world where Rs. 1000 is of hardly any value these days, AI-Chatbots keep the cash in your wallet safe by being your property at a minimal account. 

    On the dark sides of disadvantages, lack of portrayal of emotions adds to the bag of unpleasant memories with Chatbots. Hindrance in creation of Chatbots is another factor which is on the dark list as it is difficult to create Chatbots. No imbibed technology to solve complex questions is a backlash as well.

    Some companies have mastered the art of giving birth to Chatbots and they are as follows: BotsCrew, Dogtown Media, Chatbots.Studio, Cedex Technologies, Master of Code Global, iTechArt, Peerbits, Unibot, Softweb Solution, Neoteric.

    AI-Chatbot is surely the favourite child of AI which is evident the way it has been blessed with so many features coupled up with some disadvantages as well. What is left to see is if it would really be a boon to the human kind or will it take away jobs that humans rely on.

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